The Kossar Way



Our bakers employ old-style care and craftsmanship in creating the finest tasting bialys in the world. Kossar's is proud to say that we hand bake everything, with little automation. From the mixing of the dough, to the hand-crafting of the dough balls (tagelach) into the bialy's trademark shape, to the actual placement on the peels and into the brick oven and baking. This method ensures the proper texture that is often lost when placed on a conveyor.

Our Ingredients are basic and simple, but complex when mixing.  We use the finest high gluten flour, the best brewers yeast, New York tap water, salt, and freshly ground onions.  The right mixture of the ingredients all depends on the weather outside.  Too much or too little water, yeast or salt can make the difference between a great bialy and a good one.  Our bakers have honed their skill over more than half a century and create the bialys as if second nature.

The perfect Bialy has a full-looking round shape around the outer rim and a defined indentation in the center with fresh onions patted into the middle.

Our famous line of products consist of the Bulkas (Heroes - L) and our Sunday morning favorite, Pletzels (Onion Disk - R) as well as our bialys (C)

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New York, NY  10002

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Our bakers gently pull each tagel into the shape that you have come to know. - Click image above

The fresh ground onion paste is then patted into the center in a manner that preserves the indentation while baking

The Bialys are then placed on wooden peels and placed into our brick oven for a seven-minute baking period. Click image above

Click Image above